Don't Wait Around for a New Roof

Call us for prompt roof replacement services in Davenport, IA & all of the Quad Cities area

Every minute your roof is compromised you risk water leaking into your home and damaging your interior. Instead of waiting for the roof replacement you need, call on Roofs R Us. Our roof replacement contractor serves Davenport, IA, Quad Cities and the surrounding areas by replacing old and damaged roofs as quickly as possible.

Our large, experienced crew can complete a full replacement in a single day. We'll help minimize the downtime so you can get your home back to normal as quickly as possible and reduce the risk of additional damage. Set up roof replacement services by calling us at 309-644-2029 today.

Save time and money with reroofing

You may not need to completely replace your roof. Reroofing will give you a roof that's as good as new without removing your current roof. You'll appreciate that...

  • Reroofing requires less work, making it more affordable to replace your roof
  • The second layer of shingles will help reinforce your roof with extra support
  • Your roof will brand-new, boosting your home's curb appeal

Contact our roof replacement contractor today to learn more about your options.