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If you need any kind of roof repair for you home,its important to find a roofing company with the right kind of knowledge and experience.The roof over you head is such a crucial part of your home,so you don’t want to hire someone who will do a haphazard job.A company with years of experience in roof repairs is the kind of company you should be considering. Roofs R Us has that kind of experience coupled with the most attentive customer service.

Pipe flashings and why they leak

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Today we did a roof repair on the former home of John Keady. They had three metal neoprene flashings that had gone bad from dry rot and they had started leaking. This is a common problem that can happen to roofs as new as five years. Its important to have your roof checked out every two year to catch this before it ruins your ceiling. The old adage ” a stitch in time save nine” is true.

Roof repairs Silvis Illinois

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A homeowner called the other day and said he had a leak around an electrical pole and wondered if I could put some sealant around it. When I went out to look at it the project and the problem became apparent. You see many times when contractor re roof, they do not take the time to put a new flashing because the process is labor intense. He had the original flashing and it had just been tarred over... [Read more...]

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