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If you need any kind of roof repair for you home,its important to find a roofing company with the right kind of knowledge and experience.The roof over you head is such a crucial part of your home,so you don’t want to hire someone who will do a haphazard job.A company with years of experience in roof repairs is the kind of company you should be considering. Roofs R Us has that kind of experience coupled with the most attentive customer service.

Get rid of chimney problems forever!

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What do you do when your fed up with problems with your chimney? Many homeowner today are eliminating them. This can happen two ways. Many time homeowners will upgrade there furnace and water heaters and new models vent out the side of the house eliminating the need for the old brick chimney. But what if that’s not a option? The second thing that work well is to remove the brick chimney about... [Read more...]

Shingle Blow Off

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When person has shingles blow off there roof, the first thing they may think was it was the wind.Wind can be a problem,but shingles are generally rated to stand up to a 60 mph wind.Many times there is another reason for the problem.The biggest part of the problem may be due to poor shingle installation.Two off the biggest culprits when it comes to blow off, is not enough nails or nailing to high.Both... [Read more...]

Roofs R Us – Quad Cities Roofing and Gutters at