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Sunday, February 28, 2021
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Give Us a Call!    309.644.2029
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Storm Damage

There have been several studies conducted on the cost of wind damaged roof to homeowner.With tornado’s,hurricane ,and even the occasional wind storm in the united states;homeowner often find themselves replacing roofs before their time.In fact,one report released a few years ago found that over 8 million dollars was spent from the year 1991 to on wind and hail damage.No matter how good the roof is on your home , the worst storm can come in a matter of moments and strong winds can damage your roof.

At Roofs R Us we see storm damage in the form of missing shingles,tree falling and causing holes, antennas blowing off , and hail damage.If you experience storm damage we also do emergency repair along with emergency covering of the roof to prevent further damage.

In our area a common problem is shingle blow off. This is caused by extreme wind in some case and in others it has to do with poor workmanship. When it comes to fixing the problem, we tooth out the shingles and install new ones make sure to nail below the tar line and using the proper amount of nails.

In some areas that have super extreme winds, we will storm nail putting 6 nails in each shingles. This comes with a higher labor cost so it not for everyone.

If you experience shingle blow off we can come out in most cases and make a same day repair