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Like Us On Facebook! Watch On YouTube!
Monday, January 18, 2021
Like Us On Facebook!Watch On YouTube!
Give Us a Call!    309.644.2029
Give Us a Call!    309.644.2029
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Skylights can can be wonderful additions to your home. They add light and can enhance the overall appearance of your house.There are a number of factors that can contribute to a leaky skylight,but the most common is improper installation.Having a skylight installed by a roofing professional can be quit costly, so many times homeowner will hire a handyman or do it themselves.This can be a costly mistake.

So Ajay why is my skylight leaking?

The slightest hole,crack or blemish on the skylight, the panel surrounding the skylight or the roof can lead to a leaky skylight so it important that whoever is installing your skylight has a good knowledge of these factors.It important that you employ an experienced knowable professional to fix your leaky skylight before it cause further damage to the inside of your house.

A leaky skylight causes relatively minimal damage in the short term,however over the long term this damage can because significant.

Roofs R Us know what it takes to do a skylight repair and do it right. If you thinking about skylight repairs don’t call just anyone, call a company that does tons of skylight repair, and that company is Roofs R Us.