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Sunday, February 28, 2021
Like Us On Facebook!Watch On YouTube!
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Give Us a Call!    309.644.2029
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The electrical weatherhead is an area on the roof which is often neglected. Given all that involved to change it, many roofers will just seal around it and leave it at that.The problem with this is before long you will have a leak. At Roofs R Us when we do a roof repair in this area we handle it start to finish. We call the energy company and coordinate the disconnecting of the power.Then we cut off the old weatherhead and put the new flashing on and install a new weatherhead.Now we shingle in the flashing and re-energize the line.

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Soil stack flashing or pipe collars are areas that often leak on a roof. If your experiencing leaks in the bathroom or kitchen ceiling this many times is the cause.They need to be replaced and not just sealed with tar.Some contractor will make the mistake of reusing the old flashing when re-roofing,but this is generally a bad idea.Soil stack flashing and chimney flashing is the only way to prevent leaks on them.We have the knowledge and experience to install flashing and get it right so you can have ‘nomoreleaks”