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Monday, January 18, 2021
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Give Us a Call!    309.644.2029
Give Us a Call!    309.644.2029
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Chimney Repairs

20031001_Flash_A_Chimney_page002img001_size2We all need chimneys but having one you must also have a big hole in your roof. This is where the potential for trouble comes in. Know one will argue the fact, that getting a good weather tight seal around your chimney is very important.
When dealing with roof leaks, Place flashing , high on the list of usual suspects. It most common thing to go awry , and this can cause chimney leaks . Flashing is sheet metal that the transition between the chimney and the roof . If water manages to get behind the flashing ,it can do extensive damage to the roof decking, framing and even the interior of your home. You want this fixed immediately, in order to avoid expensive repairs.
To properly install flashing will require two layers. The first layer is called step flashing. L-shaped sections of sheet metal are woven into the shingle course and lapped up the side of the chimney. The next layer of metal is counter flashing and is attached to the chimney with anchors.
Even if installed by a skilled professional the corners will need a bit of extra attention. As the metal is cut and bent around the corner it leaves a very small gap that should be sealed. With a quality sealant such as Geo-Cell 2300 sealant. Please note extra caulk is not a viable substitution for quality flashing work.

The most common metal used in our area is galvanized steel, however many other are used in other markets.

If a chimney happens to be located at the bottom of a roof slope, it may be a good idea to build a cricket. A cricket is a small diversion roof built on the high side of the chimney. This roof helps keep the flashing from being slammed against by water rushing down the length of a roof slope.
It is a very good policy to inspect the seal around your chimney every year or two. Look for missing or damaged flashing, as well as crack in the masonry, small cracks can be caulked with a masonry specific caulk.

At Roofs R Us we do chimney repairs every week. Chimney leaks are very common are and we fix them in Moline,Rock island, Davenport, and Bettendorf.If you are in need of a chimney leak repair please give us  a call.